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 Immunization - CIUSSS West-Central Montreal

 Vaccination for Children - Santé Montréal

Government of Québec
     •  Understanding Vaccines
     •  Vaccination for Children
     •  Demystifying Beliefs Regarding the Risks of Vaccination

Government of Canada
     •  Vaccines and immunization
     •  A Parent's Guide to Vaccination

 Immunization -Caring for (Canadian Paediatric Society)


 Vaccines (immunizations) - MedlinePlus (US National Library of Medicine) 

 Vaccines and Immunizations - US Centers for Desease Control and Prevention (CDC) (American Academy of Pediatrics) 
     •  Immunization 
     •  Vaccine Safety: Examine the Evidence


World Health Organization (WHO)
     •  Vaccines and immunization: Overview
     •  Vaccines and immunization Q&A: Myths and misconceptions

Article about MMR Vaccine and Autism

Godlee, Fiona.  The fraud behind the MMR scare BMJ2011; 342 :d22

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