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 Resources - Canadian Men's Health Foundation

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For more information on the following subjects, click on:

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
Men's Cancers (Prostate, Testicular, Penile)


 Testosterone — What It Does And Doesn't Do - Harvard Medical School

 Low Testosterone - Canadian Men's Health Foundation

 What is Low Testosterone? - Urology Care Foundation (American Urological Association)

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

 Intimate Partner Abuse Against Men - Government of Canada

 Domestic violence against men: Know the signs - Mayo Clinic

 Simply Without Violence (Montreal) - Service d'Aide aux Conjoints (SAC)

 Montreal Support Group (in French) - Entraide pour hommes de Montréal

 Support Network for Men for a Society Without Violence (in French)- À coeur d'homme

 Resource Centre for Men Sexually Abused as Children  (in French) - CRIPHASE

Table de concertation sur les aggressions à caractère sexuel de Montréal

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