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Canada now has a country-wide  Suicide Crisis Hotline at 9-8-8 (call or text). It works from coast to coast, 24/7 and it is free.

General Information (scroll down for specific topics)


 CAP santé mentale 

 Arborescence Québec

 Mental Health  - Government of Québec 

 Mental Health and Wellness  - Government of Canada

 Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

 Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

 Mood Disorders Society of Canada


 Mental Health - MedlinePlus (US National Library of Medicine)

 Mental Health Information - US National Institute of Mental Health

 About Mental Health - US Centers for Disease Control and Preventon (CDC)

 Mental Health - (American Academy of Family Physicians)

 What is Mental Health? - US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

 Mental Illness  - Mayo Clinic (US)

Anxiety Disorders

 Anxiety - AmiQuébec

 Anxiety Disorders  - Government of Québec

 Anxiety Canada

 Anxiety Disorders - CMHA

 Anxiety Disorders - CAMH


 Generalized Anxiety Disorder  -

 Anxiety  - MedlinePlus

 Generalized Anxiety Disorder  - Mayo Clinic (US)

Bipolar Disorder

 Bipolar Disorder - AmiQuébec

 Bipolar Disorder - Government of Québec

 Bipolar Disorder - CMHA

 Bipolar Disorder - CAMH


 Bipolar Disorder -

 Bipolar Disorder - MedlinePlus 

 Bipolar Disorder - Mayo Clinic (US)


 Depression - AmiQuébec

 Depression  - CMHA

 What is Depression? -Mood Disorders Society of Canada

 Depression - CAMH


 Depression -

 Depression - MedlinePlus

 Depression- Mayo Clinic (US)

Eating Disorders

 Eating Disorders - AmiQuébec

 Eating Disorders - CMHA

 National Initiative for Eating Disorders - Canada

 National Eating Disorder Information Clinic- Canada

 Eating Disorder - CAMH


 Eating Disorders -

 Eating Disorders - MedlinePlus

 Eating Disorders - Mayo Clinic (US)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

 OCD - AmiQuébec

 OCD - Government of Québec


 OCD - Anxiety Canada

 OCD Canada



 OCD -

 OCD - MedlinePlus

 OCD - Mayo Clinic (US)

Panic Disorder

 Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia - Government of Québec

 Phobias and Panic Disorders - CMHA

 Panic Disorder - Anxiety Canada

 Panic Disorder - CAMH


 Panic Disorder -

 Panic Disorder - MedlinePlus

 Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder - Mayo Clinic (US)

Personality Disorders

 Borderline Personality Disorder - AmiQuébec

 Borderline Personality Disorder - Government of Québec

 Personality Disorders - CMHA (BC Division)

 Personality Disorders - CAMH

 Borderline Personality Disorders - CAMH


 Personality Disorders - MedlinePlus

 Personality Disorders - Mayo Clinic (US)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

 Crime Victims Assistance Centre (CAVAC)

 PTSD - Government of Québec

 PTSD - Government of Canada


 PTSD Association of Canada

 PTSD - Anxiety Canada



 PTSD - MedlinePlus

 PTSD - Mayo Clinic (US)


Psychotic Disorders (includes Schizophrenia)

 Psychosis - AmiQuébec

 Psychotic Disorders - Government of Québec

 Schizophrenia -CMHA

 Psychosis - CMHA (BC Division)

 Psychosis - CAMH

 CAMH - Schizophrenia - CAMH


 Schizophrenia -

 Psychotic Disorders - MedlinePlus

 Schizophrenia - Mayo Clinic (US)

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

 SAD - Canadian Psychological Association (CPA)

 SAD - CMHA (BC Division)



 SAD - MedlinePlus

 SAD - Mayo Clinic (US)


 Stress - CMHA - Stress (Ontario government website for new immigrants)

 Stress - CAMH


 Stress - MedlinePlus


 Suicide Crisis Hotline (9-8-8)

 Preventing Suicide - Government of Québec

 Preventing Suicide - CMHA

 Centre for Suicide Prevention - Canada

 Suicide -CAMH


 Suicide - MedlinePlus

 Suicide and Suicidal Thoughts - Mayo Clinic (US)

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