Your Surgery Experience

Please be advised that we are a team including three gynecologic oncologists. We work as a team taking care of you, our patients, and our working habits and clinical management are optimized in a way that you might be seen by either Dr. Gotlieb, Dr. Lau, Dr. Salvador or Dr. Brodeur in follow up in the clinic or at the time of your surgery.

Step 1: Pre-Op Testing

1. You will receive a phone call from our Pre-op Testing Unit (A600) to schedule an appointment to perform various pre-operative tests, including collecting your medical history, a general physical examination, some blood test, an electrocardiogram, and if indicated a referral to other specialized departments in the hospital.

2. After the tests, Lianna, the administrator of the Gyn-Onc clinic, will call you as soon as a date has been assigned for your surgery (usually 1 week prior to the surgery date), to give you pre-op instructions and to address any questions you may have.

3. The day before the surgery, the Hospital Admission Office will call you to confirm, and provide some details.

Step 2: On the Day of the Surgery

1. You will be asked to come to the Perioperative Unit (K1601, 1st floor of Pav. K, entrance Legaré street) to register and wait to be called for the surgery. Family members are welcome to wait in the waiting room. There is a television that will keep them updated about the status of your surgery. Before the surgery, the anesthesiologist will introduce himself to you and discuss anesthesia.

For patients undergoing robotic surgery, our team makes every effort so you will be able to go home the same day.

2. Before you are discharged, the nurses who take care of you will provide you information, give you discharge medications, and often arrange the post-op appointment.

Step 3: When you are back home

1. We suggest you contact Vandella, the secretary of the Gyn-Onc clinic at extension 23114x1 two days prior to your appointment to see if you pathology results are available. If these results are not yet available, you might want to consider postponing the appointment.

2. Nancy, the pivot nurse of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology, is available to answer your concerns (at extension 24223), for issues related to your care, or a complication from the surgery, if any, during your recovery.

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