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There Should be an App for That: The Promise of Technology for Mental Health

Dr. Phyllis Zelkowitz - Navigating the online health universe: What patients want to know. 

Dr. Marc Miresco & Ashley Tritt - Participatory eHealth: Designing a mobile app for mental
health in collaboration with youth patients and families. 

Dr. David Dunkley - Personalized roadmaps to change: Harvesting the wealth of information from daily life.  

Dr. Nancy Low - Discussant  



Youth at Risk: New Directions in Promoting Resilience 

Dr. Jaswant Guzder - Promoting resilience in high risk children in Jamaica: Lessons learned from Dream a World Cultural Therapy.  

Dr. Michael Bond - What is the long-term accuracy of early psychosis diagnosis? 

Dr. Catherine Fichten - Postsecondary students with disabilities: What do they need, how do they fare?  

Dr. Ashok Malla - Discussant  



Using and Abusing the Body: Social Contagion in Youth 

Dr. Danielle Groleau - Female genital mutilation: A cultural or a human rights issue?

Dr. Joel Paris - Adolescent cutting as an addictive behavior.

Dr. Zeev Rosberger - "My children don't have sex, but their friends do." Sexual health and the HPV vaccine.

Dr. Mimi Israel - Discussant 



A Hard Pill to Swallow?  Social, Political and Economic Perspectives on Mental Illness as Brain Disease

Dr. Amir Raz - The taking of a pill is sometimes more meaningful than the actual pill you are taking. 

Dr. Suparna Choudhury - Are we our brains? Cognitive neuroscience and the politics of
brain-based identities. 

Dr. Ashley Wazana - Under the influence: Lessons from interventions to protect medical knowledge and practice from physician-pharmaceutical industry interactions.

Dr. Laurence Kirmayer - Knowledge translation in global mental health: Mental health
literacy, political economy, and indigenous psychiatries. 

Dr. Ian Gold - Discussant 



Lost in Translation? Finding the Person in Clinical Science

Dr. Brett Thombs - When small groups of people take on big challenges: Patient-centered care in a rare disease context. 

Dr. Sylvie Aubin - Cancer! I don't have time for that: Using Skype technology to
help young adults adjust to the repercussions of cancer. 

Dr. David Dunkley - Don't sweat the small stuff: Stress, coping, and emotions in everyday life. 

Dr. Sydney B. Miller - Discussant



Women and Children First: Understanding the Links between the Mental Health of Mothers and their Children

Dr. Ashley Wazana - Depression in pregnancy: Can it be good for the baby?

Dr. Barbara Hayton - The dance of mother-infant interaction: Do depressed mothers
know the steps?

Dr. Joel Paris - Mommy dearest: How does raising children affect women with mental illness?

Dr. Martin St-André - Discussant


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