Profiles of our Researchers

The Jewish General Hospital's (JGH) Centre for Nursing Research is committed to generating timely and relevant knowledge that will help improve the practice of nursing. The centre has targeted four important foci for nursing research: cardiovascular, oncology, critical care, and maternal and child health. Towards this end, four nurse scientists (Margaret Purden, Carmen Loiselle, Nancy Feeley, and Céline Gélinas) are currently involved in 15 projects as principal investigators, co-investigators or collaborators, with more than 50 researchers from across Canada.

Major funding has been awarded for studies in oncology, cardiovascular, and maternal/child health nursing. Scientific publications and presentations at important professional and research symposia are numerous. As well, the centre serves as a clinical laboratory for a large number of graduate students, including six studying at the Ph.D. level who are all supported by training fellowships.

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