Annual Research Day

Each year, the Department of Psychiatry hosts its Annual Research Day. There are a number of goals for the Annual JGH Department of Psychiatry Research Day:

  1. To familiarize the hospital community with the research that is being conducted in the Department of Psychiatry. Since most of the researchers are housed in a separate building from the main hospital (i.e. the Institute of Community and Family Psychiatry), we want to enhance our communication with other hospital departments and professionals;
  2. To undertake knowledge translation, i.e., to share our expertise and to disseminate the knowledge obtained through our research activities to other professionals, and show how this knowledge can improve health care and patient outcomes;
  3. To engage in a dialogue with health professionals from many disciplines (medicine, nursing, social work, occupational therapy, etc.), in order to create partnerships that can lead to new research projects that can benefit patients and practitioners.

To register for the Annual Department of Psychiatry Research Day, please click  here.

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