Physical Medicine Students


Our physical medicine occupational therapy supervisors look forward to meeting with you! Before starting your clinical placement, please read our  welcome letter and complete any of the modules included. Mental health students may access their webpage here.

Details regarding upcoming general information sessions can be found on the  CIUSSS Students Orientation Day webpage. Please take the time to review and complete the  student questionnaire and the  confidentiality agreement before the start of your placement. These documents should be given to your supervisor upon your initial meeting.

Information pertaining to your specific placement can be found on the left. Please take the time to review the orientation, case studies and related terminology to help you prepare for your clinical placement.

Some important documents to review prior to your clinical placement include the hospital  code of ethics,  mission and values, and the  university mission statement. Please familiarize yourself with  emergency procedures,  hospital codes,  list of infectious diseases and hand hygiene.

Our  Acute Care OT Handbook was prepared by previous students for you to use as a guide!

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