To date, 4890 people have been trained on Oacis at the JGH.
Last updated: June 9th, 2016  


About Oacis

Example of a personalized patient list in Oacis

What is Oacis?

Oacis is the electronic medical record that will provide access to all electronic patient information. This includes current patient information, as well as the patient's history of treatment at the JGH.

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How will Oacis improve your experience?

For physicians, nurses and allied health professionals

Information will be online in real time, in one central "virtual" location. Applications such as Chartmaxx, Centro, PACS and more will all be available for viewing within Oacis. Bringing these applications together, clinical staff will also benefit from the ability to build personalized patient lists. This means that they will need only to search through their own list of patients, making the process simpler and less time consuming.

A top priority for clinical staff, as well as for the staff in Information Technologies, is patient safety. Oacis addresses this as well, enabling alerts and flags of abnormal or important patient information and test results that need immediate attention.

If you are a clinician at the JGH and would like to have access to Oacis, call extension 28254 or  click here.

For patients

Healthcare professionals will have access to the patient's secure medical information in real time, including test results, medication information and treatment history. This will help any member of the clinical team providing direct patient care to find the information they need faster, and from any location inside or outside the hospital.

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