Information Technology - Department Areas

Management Team

Prioritize projects with the hospital's management team.

Manage and ensure deliverables.

IT Infrastructure

CSIT/Help Desk

First line called for any user issues.

Provide support to hospital staff experiencing any IT-related issues.


Manage the hospital's communications infrastructure, which is made up of computers, printers and telephones.

Manage the technical and service facilities (including wireless, networks, telecommunications and technical support).

Ensure that the necessary telephony capacity exists and that it reflects the current and future needs of the hospital.

Application Specialists & System Administrators

Group of technicians that maintain hardware and network operations on an ongoing basis.

Project Managers & Electronic Medical Records Team

Implement medical technology systems, and integrate systems with Electronic Medical Records when appropriate.

Information Management Analysts

Retrieve data from different medical technology systems, and provide that data to clinicians and administrators aiming to analyze performance, quality and finances.

Biomedical Engineering

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