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Gradual return to normal after cyber-security attack

Following October’s cyber-intrusion into the digital information systems of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal, the first steps have been taken by the Information Resources and Digital Health teams to re-establish service, as required.

Safety precautions are also being implemented to prevent any future interference. A return to normal connectivity will continue through November and December.

Ongoing analysis shows no indication that any data—as it relates to the users of health care and social services or to staff—has been compromised.

Among the top priorities is to focus on establishing a connection path for critical applications that are used by staff. Key administrative systems for CIUSSS directorates such as Human Resources, Finance and Logistics will also be restored as quickly as possible.

Throughout this incident, the patience and professionalism of staff have been—and continue to be—crucially important, since they have worked diligently to serve users with little, if any, disruption to the normal routine. This has been especially important, given the added complications of coping with the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

*Updated November 19, 2020

A message from CIUSSS West-Central Montreal 

The investigation is continuing into last week’s cyber-intrusion into the digital information systems of the CIUSSS. There is still no indication that personal information—as it relates to users of our health care and social services, or to staff— has been compromised.  

Please note that the Jewish General Hospital remains open as are our COVID-19 Testing Clinics. Telehealth services are available by telephone only (no visual connection) and other services, where necessary, have been moved or modified to ensure continuity of care. 

The CIUSSS includes many different facilities across the central west region of Montreal. Our telephone system is network enabled, and as we have internally taken measures that currently limit network access, this has had an effect on telephone availability at several sites. Our technical teams are actively working to return telephone service to normal as we continue our investigation. In the meantime, you may experience increased wait times due to the current situation as we work to return our telephone systems to fully normal operation. 

While we regret this disruption in care, rest assured that all necessary measures are being taken to protect the health and safety of our patients and residents. We will keep you informed as the situation evolves. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

*Updated November 3, 2020

Montreal, October 29, 2020 - As a result of a cyber-security attack, CIUSSS West-Central Montreal is experiencing difficulties with its information systems. As a preventive measure, internet connectivity as well as external and remote access to our networks have been suspended.

Since access to patients’ records and data is currently limited, frontline services have been slowed down—but not interrupted—while the situation is under investigation, with the support of the Cyber-Security Team at the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

We regret any inconvenience that this situation may cause, but we consider this measure to be necessary, in order to protect the health and well-being of patients.

At this point, we do not believe that any information about patients or staff has been accessed.

You will be kept informed of new developments as they arise.


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