PT - Physiotherapy Students - Outpatient Department

Your clinical placement will be with a physiotherapist in the Outpatient Department (OPD). You can expect to see patients with a with a variety of orthopedic, rheumatologic and neurologic conditions.

This  Clinical Practice Preparation Module is intended to be a guide for your self-preparation for the upcoming clinical placement at JGH. It outlines some of the elements that you may encounter during your placement. A review of this module prior to your placement will optimize your readiness for this clinical experience and allow you to get the full benefit from the clinical setting.

 Case Study and Reflective Exercise Aand Case Study and Reflective Exercise B are intended to familiarize you with the sort of patient you may encounter during your placement and thought processes and critical thinking which are involved.

These  Sample Referral Form,  General Assessment,  Past Medical History and Intervention Flow Sheet will give you an idea about the charting which is typical for this patient population.

Please complete the  Learning Questionnaire, bring it with you on your first day and share it with your supervisor to help him/her get to know you as a learner. As well, review the  Student Contract which outlines expectations for your performance in this placement.

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