Centre of Excellence on Longevity

The RUIS McGill Centre of Excellence on Longevity was created at the end of 2012 on the impulse of the Ministry of Health and Social Services to offer concrete support to clinicians and health organizations working in the fields of longevity in the RUIS McGill territory.

The Center of Excellence on Longevity is a Non-Profit Organization established with the Registraire des Entreprises du Québec and based at the Jewish General Hospital.

Since 2015, the Centre of Excellence on Longevity has been dedicated to brokering knowledge and implementing innovative practices in order to improve the health, longevity and quality of life of older adults, making them actors of their health and acting on their environment: caregivers and professionals of the health and social sector, by integrating the organization and the procedures of our system of care.


To improve the health, independence, autonomy, and quality of life of seniors while maintaining a fair and efficient healthcare system.


To actively involve elderly people in their own health and healthcare, and to intervene in their lives through knowledge brokering and technological innovation.

Target audience

Elderly people and their caregivers, Elderly people in the community, Healthcare professionals, Scientific researchers, Politicians and public bodies


Olivier Beauchet, MD, PhD

Dr. Olivier Beauchet is certified in neurology, internal medicine, and geriatrics, and assumed the role of Director at the Centre of Excellence on Longevity in June 2016. He is fifty years old and serves as a full-time professor at McGill University and as a consultant geriatrician at the Geriatrics Division at the Jewish General Hospital and holds the Dr. Joseph Kaufmann Chair in Geriatric Medicine. Dr. Olivier Beauchet holds a Master’s degree in pharmacology, a Master’s in neuropsychology and a doctorate of neurosciences. Over a 25-year career of clinical research and practice, Dr. Beauchet has focused on exploring age-related cognitive-motor decline, the neurological effects of vitamin D and treatment pathways for elderly patients. Today, he is one of the world’s leading specialists in vitamin D deficiency, as well as gait and balance-related issues and their relationship with cognitive decline. He is the founder and leader of two consortia, one of which operates internationally, the other throughout Canada, bringing together international teams of researchers and clinicians who specialize in human longevity.


Tel: (514) 340-8222, ext. 26120
Email:  contact@ceexlo.ca

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