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 Québec Ministry of Health


 What is a CIUSSS? - Québec Ministry of Health

Rights & Responsibilities (R&R)

 Patients - Québec Minisitry of Health

 Patients - AmiQuébec

 Doctors' Duty Towards Patients - Éducaloi

 Doctors' Duty to Inform Patients - Éducaloi

 System - Québec Ministry of Health

 Actual Law - Légis Québec

Exceptions to R&R: Forced Hospitalization (Confinement)

 Three Types - Québec Ministry of Health

 Three Types - Éducaloi

 Patients' Rights and Recourse - Québec Ministry of Health

 Patients' Rights - Éducaloi

 Justice and mental disorder - Justice Québec

1- Preventive Confinement 

 Emergencies (72 hours) - Éducaloi

2- Temporary Confinement

 For a Psychiatric Exam (144 hours) - Éducaloi

3-Court-Authorized Confinement

 After the Psychiatric Exams - Éducaloi

Patient Advocacy

 Complaints and satisfaction - JGH / CIUSSS

 Mental Health Advocacy Community Organisations in Québec - Québec Ministry of Health

 Health and Social Services Network Complaint Examination System - Québec Ministry of Health

 Complaints assistance and support centre (CAAP) [Island of Montreal]- Québec Ministry of Health

Provinciale: Ministère, député

Fédérale: Ministère, député

Social Services

Legal Aid

RAMQ Coverage

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health

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