Addictions Among Youth

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 Drugs and alcohol: Important things to know (Kids Help Phone)

 Problematic Drug Use - Testimonials (Government of Canada)


 Drug Use and the Brain (US National Institute on Drug Abuse)

 Drugs  - What to Know (KidsHealth)

 Alcohol (National Institute on Drug Abuse)

 Alcohol  (KidsHealth)

Resources Specifically for Parents

 Alcohol Consumption, Drug Use and Gambling: Helping Teenagers (Government of Quebec)

 Substance use disorder: How to help your teen at home (Toronto Sick Kids Hospital)

 Talking with Teens about Drugs (Government of Canada)

 Drug Free Kids Canada

 Facts About Adolescent Drinking (Educalcool)

 Alcohol and Young People (Educalcool)


Services for Youth

 Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Programs for Youth (Portage)



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