Addictions Among Adults

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General Information - Alcohol & Drugs

 Educ'alcool (Quebec non-profit organisation)

 Drugs: Help and Referral (Quebec support group)

 Addiction Prevention Center (Quebec non-profit with Health Canada funding)

 Consumption of Alcohol and Other Drugs, and Gambling (Government of Quebec)

 Problematic Substance Abuse (Health Canada)

 Controlled and Illegal Drugs (Government of Canada)

 Canada's Opioid Crisis (Government of Canada)

 Finding Quality Addiction Care in Canada  (Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse)

 CAMH - Addiction (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)


 MedlinePlus - Drug Addiction (US National Library of Medicine)

 MedlinePlus - Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

 Mayo Clinic - Drug Addiction (US Not-for profit academic medical centre)

 Mayo Clinic - Alcohol Use Disorder

 National Institute on Drug Abuse (US National Institute of Health)

 Alcohol and Public Health (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


General Information- Gambling

 Gambling:  Help and Referral (Quebec support group)

 CAMH - Problem Gambling


 MedlinePlus - Compulsive Gambling

 Mayo Clinic - Compulsive Gambling


 Help - Gambling:  Help and Referral

 Help - Drugs: Help and Referral

 Portage - Programs and Services (Canadian non-profit that helps people substance abuse problems)

 Addiction, Substance Abuse, Dual Diagnosis -  AMI-Quebec 



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