Books in Motion

To increase patient comfort at the JGH, the Health Sciences Library and the Auxiliary are proud to introduce Books-In-Motion.

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! Would you like to volunteer for Books-in-Motion? Contact  Heather Vesely, 514-340-8222  extension 25931.

The cart brings books and current magazines in French and English to JGH patients, offering a little distraction during their hospital stay. The Auxiliary volunteers help in the distribution of the books, which are selected by each patient directly from the cart, and are theirs to keep if they choose.

E-books are also available free of charge for patients at the Jewish General Hospital. Thanks to the generosity of the Jewish Public Library, patients can enjoy access to the JPL’s e-book collection from their personal devices. Popular fiction, literature, and non-fiction are all available!

Note: Ask the Books-in-Motion book cart volunteer or inquire at the Health Sciences Library.

Although the cart visits patients twice a week, often more ambulatory patients will head to the HSL to browse the selection available to them. The reading material is provided by The Auxiliary as well as by donations made by staff and the public.

"Books-In-Motion” got rolling in March 2010, as an initiative of the Patient Comfort Program, supported by the JGH Auxiliary in partnership with the Humanization of Care Committee and the Health Sciences Library. The cart currently visits the following floors : Antenatal (Pavillon K, 3rd floor), Internal Medicine (Pavillon K, 6th floor), Oncology (Pavillon K, 7th floor), Surgery (Pavillon K, 8th and 10th floors), Orthopedics (Pavillon C, 8th floor west), and Geriatrics (Pavillon D, 6th floor Northwest). The “Books-In-Motion” mobile cart will eventually be available to patients in all departments, but especially to those in long-term care.

Book and magazine donations are greatly appreciated.

For more information, please contact  Heather Vesely at the Health Sciences Library, 514-340-8222  extension 25931.

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