Search Tips

Quick Tips:

 Type one or more words and click on Go.

● To browse everything in the database, do not write anything and click on Go.

● Once you have a list of results, use the categories on the left to narrow your search. When you run a new search, check the categories to make sure that they are still the ones that you want.

● Put "quotation marks" around the word(s) to search for a specific phrase or title. For example, try "breast cancer."  This also helps to narrow your search.

Getting Better Results:

● Try different spellings, or choose from the ones suggested to you.

● Change the order of the words.

● Add or remove words to get more or fewer results.

● Remove the "quotation marks" if a specific phrase or title did not give the results that you wanted.

● Ask one of our health information specialists for help. Please send an email to We can do the search for you and provide the best information to answer your question.

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