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CIUSSS West-Central Montreal  Immunization

Government of Québec :
 •  Understanding Vaccines
 •  Vaccination for Children
 •  Demystifying Beliefs Regarding the Risks of Vaccination

Government of Canada :
 •  Vaccines and immunization
 •  A Parent's Guide to Vaccination

Caring for (Canadian Paediatric Society) Immunization

United States

MedlinePlus (National Library of Medicine)  Vaccines (immunizations)

Centers for Desease Control and Prevention (CDC)  Vaccines and Immunizations (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) :
 •  Immunization 
 •  Vaccine Safety: Examine the Evidence

Mayo Clinic :
 •  Childhood vaccines: Tough questions, straight answers
 •  Vaccines for adults: Which do you need?

World Health Organization (WHO)

 •  Vaccines and immunization: Overview
 •  Vaccines and immunization Q&A: Myths and misconceptions

Article of Interest (MMR)

Godlee, Fiona.  The fraud behind the MMR scare BMJ2011; 342 :d22

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