Who We Are

The SMBD-JGH Humanization of Care Committee (HOC) was initiated in the late 1990’s by Mr. Morton Brownstein. The HOC Committee has since been chaired by hospital employees and more recently through a partnership of a lay community member and a hospital employee.

The committee chairs have been:

  • Mr. Morton Brownstein
  • Dr. Yvonne Steinert
  • Ms. Mimi Goldenberg
  • Ms. Mimi Goldenberg and Dr. Eddy Lang
  • Ms. Mimi Goldenberg and Ms. Laya Feldman
  • Ms. Laya Feldman and Ms. Rosalie Johnson
  • Ms. Rosalie Johnson and Ms. Vivian Konigsberg

The HOC Committee is a volunteer committee dedicated to improving the hospital environment for patients and families. Membership is composed of a team of vibrant and innovative community partners and hospital staff ranging from physicians, to nurses, to librarians, to medical illustrators, to the hospital auxiliary and foundation. The role of HOC is to identify, design, develop, and implement Humanization of Care projects within the hospital. Some projects are initiated and developed by the committee and then the responsibility for these projects may be assumed by appropriate departments within the hospital. 

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