Respect Campaign


Respect, It's yours to give. 

The Humanization of Care committee has launched a new initiative to encourage respect in the workplace. The Respect Campaign is a hospital-wide campaign using the tagline "It's yours to give". The goal is to encourage respect between staff members as well as between staff and patients/ families. This is an ongoing initiative to make our environment a healthy one for all. Stay tuned for more!

Our JGH Ambassadors of Respect 

 From left to right: Vivian Konigsberg, Rosalie Johnson, Elaine Morin, Marisa Rodi, Agatha Sbardi, Belinda Amodio, Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, Danièle Rioux, Alan Maislin, Fernanda Parente, Marco Fuschini, Dr. Anne Lemay, Guy Lessard, Kia Morrison, Frank Gagné, Glenn J. Nashen

Respect Bookmark

In our constant efforts to cultivate a respectful and healthy environment for all at the JGH, we encourage everyone to embrace the following:

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