Demystifying Your Surgery

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In order to help you prepare for your upcoming surgery, we invite you to view a video offered by the Humanization of Care Committee (HOC) of the Jewish General Hospital. The video is presented from the patient’s point-of-view and provides a visual explanation of what you can expect during a visit to the hospital prior to your surgery, as well as on the day of your procedure. Our hope is that this will alleviate some of your apprehension, answer some of your questions, and contribute to a more relaxed and successful experience for you.

The video addresses aspects that are common to all surgeries. Information covered includes:

  • Visual tours of the pre-surgical screening clinic, peri-operative area, operating room, and recovery area
  • Overview of the pre-operational procedures you will go through
  • Identification of the healthcare professionals who will interact with you
  • Overview of the post-operative and discharge information you will receive

The video is approximately 15 minutes long. We encourage you to watch this video at your leisure with supportive friends or family members. If you have any questions, please direct them to your health-care team.

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