The perfect treat for immortals

JGH News, Summer 2012

How wonderful that the fountain of youth has finally been found! Now we can live forever—just like the characters in Tuck Everlasting, the classic children’s novel by Natalie Babbitt. How else to explain the fact that so many people still smoke? With our bodies now invulnerable, there’s no chance of getting lung cancer, heart disease or emphysema. Immortality can even overcome the yellowed fingernails, shortness of breath and persistent cough of prolonged cigarette use.

True, smoking is expensive—around $10 a pack—but since we’re wealthy in our new Utopia, how better to spend $3,500 a year? For that price, parents could send a child to university for a year. But who’d want that?

Then again, perhaps you realize the kind of world we’re really living in. If you’re a smoker hoping to take your head out of the clouds (literally), here’s a solution: A free smoking cessation program is offered through the JGH Cardiovascular Prevention Centre and Cancer Prevention Centre. Through one-on-one and group sessions, counselors help individuals determine how best to become and remain cigarette-free.

“Since the launch of this program in 2004, it has treated about 1,000 patients,” says Joseph Erban, JGH Smoking Cessation Counselor. Maybe you should be the 1,001st—unless you’d rather believe in fairy tales.

For more information about the Smoking Cessation Program, please read the pamphlet.

For more information, visit:

 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
 Smokers Helpline
 New York Times

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