Chemotherapy and Other Drug Therapies: A Guide for People with Cancer by Canadian Cancer Society (.pdf)

 Chemotherapy and You by National Cancer Institute (.pdf)

 A Guide to Chemotherapy by American Cancer Society (.pdf)

Quick Information handouts by the Gyn-onc Health Information Service

 Chemotherapy: Ovarian Cancer (.pdf)

 Chemotherapy: Endometrial Cancer/Uterine Cancer (.pdf)

 Chemotherapy: Cervical Cancer (.pdf)

 Chemotherapy: Vaginal Cancer (.pdf)

 Chemotherapy: Vulvar Cancer (.pdf)

Additional Drug Information (by le Groupe d'étude en oncologie du Québec)

Carbo Taxol

 Carbo Taxol (Paclitaxel + Carboplatine) (.pdf) (Ovary)


 Caelyx® (Liposomal Doxorubicin) (.pdf) (Ovary)

Caelyx® + Carboplatine

 Doxorubicine liposomale pégylée (Caelyx®) + Carboplatine (.pdf) (Ovary)


 Gemcitabine-Docetaxel (.pdf) (Leiomyosarcoma)


 Doxorubicin, Cisplatine, Paclitaxel (.pdf) (Endometrium)

Topotecan (HycamtinTM)

 Topotecan (.pdf) (Ovary)

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