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Quit to Win is an annual campaign that calls for smokers to quit smoking for 6 weeks, from February 8 to March 21, 2021, a realistic first goal that comes with many benefits... in addition to increasing the chances of quitting for good by 6!

To increase your chances of success, you have access to free resources and tools before, during and after the Challenge. In addition, by participating you have the chance to win $3,000 in prizes, including a luxury stay at Station touristique Duchesnay.

Quitting is hard and often requires several attempts, which is why it’s important to never stop trying. But with a healthy dose of motivation, support, and the strength in numbers that the Challenge offers, it can be done!

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Did you know that our CIUSSS can help you stay the course? We have many resources to help you quit smoking including individual or group smoking cessation sessions.

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