Fellowship in Neuro Urology

Fellowship in Neuro Urology

Fellowship in Neuro Urology

2006 update

Ralph and Berryl Goldman
Fellowship in Neuro urology, Bladder dysfunction, Pelvic reconstruction and female urology at the Jewish Genera lHospital
Montreal Canada

Fellowship directors :
Dr Jacques Corcos, Dr Marie Claude Lemieux

This fellowship has been designed for Urology or Gynecology residents having completed their training and who wish to acquire an expertise in this field. The fellowship can last one to 3 years. 2 and 3 years fellowship will include mandatory lab research for at least 50% of the first year or two of fellowship.The last year will be clinical

Application for fellowship :
Applications must be sent to Dr Jacques Corcos at  jcorcos@uro.jgh.mcgill.ca a minimum of 18 month before the starting date of the fellowship.

Registration for the fellowship :
Please refer to  http://www.medicine.mcgill.ca/postgrad/admission_nmf_othergrads1.htm

Objectives of the fellowship :
Please refer to the JGH Urology department web site.

Fellows responsabilties :
Fellows will be in charge of all clinical activities related to the field that their fellowship covers. It implies but not exclusively the responability for pre op and post op care, teaching to patients and their family etc..

They will be also in charge of teaching students and residents.

English is the main working and teaching langage, however a good knowledge of French is necessary to fully participate at the clinical work. Priority will be given to bilingual applicants

Normally a salary is available for this fellowship. The amount follow the scale proposed by the Quebec governement. Details of the salary must be discussed with the program director. However it is important that non Canadian fellows realize that a 18000$ (approximatively in 2006) registration fee to McGill is at their responsability.

For a fellowship of ONE year, the fellow will be authorized to take 2 weeks vacations.For a fellowship of 2 and 3 years, vacations will be 3 weeks after the first year. Dates will have to be imperatively coordinated with the fellowship directors.

The fellow will be encourage to participate to one national meeting and the AUA meeting. Expenses will be at the charge of the department as far as he (she) has an active participation to the meeting (speaker to non industry sponsor activity)

Other advantages will have to be negociated with the fellowship directors.

Health care coverage for non Canadian fellows:
The fellow has to get private insurance from the hospital. The department of Human Resources of the hospital has to be informed 4 weeks in advance of his arrival with the right paper work. The forms will be sent to the felloow as soon as his final acceptation.

The fellow needs from the first day of work an hospital number to be eligible for private insurance. His family will covered by the hospital private insurance.

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