Vascular Laboratory

Appointment hours

Monday to Friday: 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

How to reach us

514 340-8222, ext. 25575

Where to find us

Pavilion E, Room 0010

  • Enter from the Légaré entrance (5757 Rue Légaré)
  • Walk down the hallway to Pavilion E
  • Follow the room numbers to Vascular Laboratory


The Vascular Lab at the JGH performs exams for both in-patients and out-patients. Services are available during specific hours. Vascular Ultrasound is an important test to diagnose circulation problems. Your visit will be a safe non-invasive test with no needles, dyes, radiation, or anesthesia. Ultrasound uses waves too high to be heard by people in order to detect medical problems. A qualified professional will perform the test by applying a hypoallergenic water gel to the area that will be examined. This produces a picture on a TV monitor. The machine can also measure blood circulation which will produce a noise as the blood flows.


  • Carotid Duplex
  • Venous Duplex
  • Raynaud’s Study
  • Thoracic Outlet Study
  • Peripheral Arterial Study


Dr. Cherrie Abraham
Dr. Daniel Obrand

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