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ASPIRE fall 2018

This edition features the themes of the future for sutures and surgical training, the origins of innovation - centres and peripheries, surgical robotics, the health benefits of pomegranates, and upcoming events.

 Fall 2018 

 Spring - Summer 2018

This Spring and Summer 2018 edition of the Department of Surgery Aspire Newsletter features the outstansing accomplishments in the area of Robotic Surgery being performed by our experts.  A fact-sheet presents some FACTS about the benefits of this surgical option and what has been done so far.  There is also the poster and an invitation to register to attend the upcoming Surgical Robotic Conference.   E-Brochure

Included as well are the reflections from some participants in the recent Context of Technological Impact on Medicine event that took place in April accompanied by links to the E-Brochure and Webssite.  

Included is the final abstract from our recent Experimental Surgery graduate Eni Nano as well as other upcoming events.  Hope you enjoy.  All contributions to this newsletter will be welcomed.   

This edition of the ASPIRE Newsletter expanded its mandate to draw particular attention to the Infection Prevention and Control  Department's new on-line accredited training initiative.  You will also find highlights on current research in Experimental Surgery, reflections from Research Assistants, upcoming events and points to ponder.

   Fall 2017

  This Fall 2016 edition of the JGH Department of Surgery Newsletter presents a wide range of on-going advances in surgery-related research collaborations into the design and development of patient healthcare simulation models, new regenerative medical treatments for patients with diabetes, posters and abstracts from the colorectal surgery department that were presented at the 2016 CAGS as well as reflections by summer observerships.

 Fall 2016 


This issue provides commentary from Subject Matter Experts on the ITCSP event, some of the topics discussed and why this event is important to medical training.  There is a link to the event brochure for those interested in following up on the topics and presenters.  The presentations and discussions were filmed and the videos will be available soon.

     There is an announcement on the release of the 14 new bilingual Surgical Training Unit videos now available for all surgical students and residents.  The issue also offers a look at some patient simulation cross- disciplinary collaborative work on one of the treatment models currently under development as well as an introduction to the new Experimental Surgery Department researcher looking into technology and orthopaedics.  The link to view the complete newsletter is indicated below.

 May 2016


This issue congratulates the recent staff accomplishments and showcases some of the innovative research work being done with the help of the NSQIP database. It also presents current research publications by staff as well as resident training issues open for comment.

  September 2015

Among other things, this edition offers an overview of some of the issues discussed and comments offered during the Impact of Technological Change on the Surgical Profession: Past, Present, Future held this past May.    It also provides updates on the projects to design and develop new surgical teaching materials as well as the ongoing research into improving patient care led by Dr. Simon Bergman and Lawrence Rosenberg.

 June 2015 


Among other things, this edition highlights an innovative brain surgery technique being performed here by Dr. Salvatore Di Maio as well as improvements in the use of blood transfusion during orthopeadic surgeries.

 December 2014

This edition gives tribute to surgical colleague and mentor Dr. Jacob Garzon who is retiring from surgical practice after more than fifty years, a virtual lifetime, of tireless dedication to aspiring surgeons and patients.  It also honours the compassion and dedication of Jack Cohen for forty-five years of service at the JGH

September 2014

Along with this being the first contribution from the new interim Chief of Surgical Services, this edition highlights the innovative thyroid work of Dr. Richard Payne as well as an animated conversation with OR Team Leader  Sylvie Laferrier.

 APRIL 2014


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