In addition to patient care, the Segal Cancer Centre has thriving cancer research programs focusing on fundamental, translational, clinical, nursing, psychosocial and palliative care research. Clinician scientists and basic researchers who have laboratories on the 4th and 5th floors of the Centre conduct research in molecular oncology, cancer prevention/cancer genetics, biomarkers in cancer therapy, new cancer therapies and radiopharmaceutical chemistry/ radiobiology, with a focus on general cancer or specific cancers such as breast, ovarian, prostate or leukemia.  The psychosocial oncology research program, which includes nursing research and palliative care research, includes studies on fertility and sexuality issues in patients with cancer, quality of life in patients and their family caregivers, and information-seeking behaviour and decision-making of cancer patients. Researchers at the Centre collaborate with local, provincial, national and international colleagues, exchange ideas and findings at conferences and seminars around the world, and publish in peer-reviewed journals.

Phase I or II clinical research studies are conducted at the  Shirley and Max Konigsberg & Family Clinical Research Unit (CRU) on the 8th floor of the Centre. Phase I trials of novel cancer therapeutics developed by companies and at universities have been successfully performed at the CRU. The Segal Cancer Centre is also involved in larger phase II and III oncology clinical trials which are coordinated through the  Clinical Research Program of the McGill Department of Oncology.

The Segal Cancer Centre is also forming partnerships with other research groups locally (McGill Integrated Cancer Research Training Program), provincially (Quebec-Clinical Research Organization in Cancer - Q-CROC)) and internationally (Worldwide Innovative Network - WIN).

Research activities and clinical trials

All oncology research activities currently taking place at the Lady Davis Institute, Segal Cancer Centre are displayed in the link below.  Patients who are interested in learning more or participating in the trials advertised, please speak to your treating oncologist first.

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