Overview of Segal Cancer Centre

Overview of Segal Cancer Centre

Overview of the Segal Cancer Centre

The Segal Cancer Centre aims to provide the best quality of care to cancer patients throughout the course of their illness, with the ultimate goal of improving, prolonging and saving lives. As a comprehensive cancer centre, we provide a wide range of services including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, pain and symptom management, palliative care and psychosocial support. The cancer care team is comprised of individuals from different disciplines and areas of expertise, and their close physical proximity has facilitated the sharing of information and ideas which ultimately benefits the patients and their families. Moreover, as part of the Jewish General Hospital, the cancer care team can tap into the services and expertise provided by other areas of the hospital. Patient care is also well-served by the administrative model used at the Segal Cancer Centre, namely the very strong and effective nurse-physician partnerships which co-direct the Centre and which guide the various interdisciplinary teams providing cancer care. The cancer care nurses are on the front lines providing medical care, support and guidance to patients.

The Segal Cancer Centre offers innovative programs which cater to the special needs of certain groups of cancer patients. The Segal Cancer Centre-Bell Canada Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Program focuses on patients in this age group, recognizing that they face unique medical and psychosocial challenges that other age groups do not face when dealing with cancer. Similarly, the Consultation Service for Senior Oncology Patients addresses the specific needs of elderly cancer patients. The Cancer Nutrition-Rehabilitation Program focuses on the subset of cancer patients who are suffering from severe weight loss, muscle wasting and fatigue while the Cancer Genetics team provides information and guidance to patients and families dealing with hereditary cancers.

Cancer research is also an integral part of the Centre with the basic/translational research laboratories physically integrated with the clinical facility. Many of the clinician scientists and basic researchers conduct laboratory and clinical research studies aimed at better understanding the biology of the disease, improving detection and diagnosis, developing new cancer therapies, and better strategies for pain and symptom management, and improving methods to provide for the psychosocial needs of patients and their families. With basic/translational research, clinical research and clinical care so closely intertwined, the Centre strives to increase the rate of clinical research results going from “bench to bedside”.

The Segal Cancer Centre has close ties with the McGill Department of Oncology and other Departments and Divisions within the McGill Faculty of Medicine, and plays an active role in the teaching and training of students. In addition, the Centre has several education initiatives as part of its commitment to the continuing professional education of its staff.

This website outlines the clinical services, research programs and education and training initiatives at the Segal Cancer Centre. In addition, the Segal Cancer Centre News page highlights staff accomplishments and important events. The Centre is always changing and evolving as new knowledge and new methodologies encourage new services and programs and improvements to existing ones. We encourage you to look at the website to learn more about the Centre and check back from time to time as we update the information.

Gerald Batist, MD                  
Director, Segal Cancer Centre

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