Oncology Nursing Staff

Oncology nurses at the Segal Cancer Centre play a pivotal role in the care of cancer patients. They are on the front lines working with patients and their families to provide medical care, supportive care, psychosocial support and education. They are found in the oncology clinic, the various oncology inpatient wards, radiation oncology and palliative care.

At the Segal Cancer Centre there are nine interdisciplinary tumour site teams (breast cancer, colorectal cancer, hematologic-oncology, pulmonary oncology, head and neck oncology, neuro-oncology, gynecologic oncology, urologic oncology and dermatologic oncology) and eight interdisciplinary programs/services which are not defined by a specific tumour type and therefore provide care to patients with a wide range of tumours (radiation oncology, palliative care, adolescent and young adult oncology, oncology and aging, cancer prevention/cancer genetics, cancer nutrition-rehabilitation, psychosocial oncology and Hope & Cope). A key feature of many of these teams is the expert guidance provided by solid nurse-physician partnerships.

In addition to cancer care, many of the nurses give presentations to other health care professionals locally and at national and international conferences, and publish their findings in peer reviewed journals. A list of publications and presentations can be found on the Nursing website.

A number of cancer care nurses have academic affiliation with the McGill School of Nursing and are therefore involved in student education. These include, as Associate Professor, Denise Bédard, RN, MScN, Esther Dajczman, RN, MSc(A), Nancy Drummond, RN, MSc(A), CON(C), Iris Gourdji, N, MSc(A), and Tara Jesion,RN, MSc(A), CON(C). In addition, Carmen Loiselle, MScN, PhD, senior researcher at the JGH Centre for nursing research is also Director of the McGill Nursing Oncology Program and an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing. Two of the cancer care nurses are also currently pursuing PhD studies at McGill: Bessy Bitzas, MScN, CHPCN(C) (palliative care nurse) is working under the supervision of Dr. Robin Cohen, a palliative care researcher at the JGH, while Fay Strohschein, RN, MSc(A) (geriatric oncology nurse) is working under the supervision of Dr. Carmen Loiselle.

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