Psychiatry - Clinical Services

Psychiatry - Clinical Services

Clinical Services

48 beds divided into:
High Care Unit: 8 beds (closed unit)
UTT 8 beds (closed unit)
4 EAST 32 beds (open unit)
Director: Dr. Khalil Geagea
Head Nurse: Ms. Louise de Bellefeuille

Consultation/Liaison Service
Director: Dr. Viviane Zicherman
Head Nurse: Mr. France Constance
This service consults to all non-psychiatric inpatients and has special liaison relationships with oncology, critical care, hepatology and pain clinic.

External Services
Director: Dr. Michael Bond
Head Nurse: Mr. Guy Lessard


Screening clinic Director: Dr. Joel Paris

Collaborative Mental Health Care Director: Dr. Nicola Casacalenda

Ambulatory Care Teams Directors: Drs. Trent Semeniuk, Ron Brown

First Episode Psychosis Director: Dr. Eric Jarvis

Perinatal mental Health Director: Dr. Barbara Hayton

Day Hospital Director: Dr. Mark Adams

Continuing Care Director: Dr. Daniel Frank

Cultural consultation Director: Dr. Eric Jarvis

Youth Service Director: Dr. Evan Brahm

Brief Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Service Director: Dr. Arthur Propst

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Service Director: Ruta Westreich, M.A.

Longer term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Directors: Drs. Evan Brahm, Michael Bond

Behavioral Psychotherapy and Research Directors: Drs. William Brender, Eva Libman

Personality Disorders Service Director: Dr. Joel Paris

Rehabilitation Services Director: Chris Lason

Child Psychiatry
Director: Dr. Jaswant Guzder
Head Nurse: Ms. Rosemary Short
Includes: The Day and Evening Hospitals – Outpatient Services – Child OPD – Child day/Evening Hospitals

Director: Dr. Marilyn Segal
Nurse: Ms. Eileen San José
There is an OPD clinic, a home visiting team and links with the CSSS Cavendish. As well, Dr. Segal has a consultant/liaison relationship with geriatrics.

Emergency Psychiatry
Director: Dr. Judy Glass
Heard Nurse: Mr. Guy Lessard

Dr. Nicola Casacalenda is training Director for residents and 15-20 residents train in our department over the course of an average year.

Dr. Trent Semeniuk is Coordinator of Medical Student Clerkship. 35-40 medical students train in our department each year with an additional 25 from St. Mary’s doing their child psychiatry component here.

Dr. Kathy Myron is Coordinator for family medicine residents in psychiatry.

The JGH is a popular training site for residents in psychiatry, family medicine and neurology, as well as students in psychology, occupational therapy, social work, nursing and medicine.

A full range of core rotation (inpatient, outpatient, child, chronic care, consultation/liaison and psycho-geriatrics) and elective rotation (cultural consultation, youth, family, shared care, day hospital, psychotherapy, etc.) are offered and utilized.

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