Darrell R. Johnson, Ph.D

email:  dj@drjohnson.ca

Darrell Johnson, psychologist, completed his M.Ps at the University of Montreal in 1986. His Masters thesis explored preventive intervention with socially withdrawn preschool-aged children. For the next eight years he worked with troubled children and adolescents from various populations and in various clinical settings. In 1990, he was invited to train in family therapy with the Scarborough General Hospital Child & Family Clinic, an outpatient clinic providing child and adolescent therapy and family therapy to a multicultural population in Scarborough, Ontario. In his three intensive years with the Clinic, Dr. Johnson began to develop an expertise in working with parents and families, and he studied the experiential and structural models of family therapy

In 1994, desiring to explore and deepen his understanding of several themes in family therapy which intrigued him, Dr. Johnson returned to the University of Montreal in order to pursue his Ph.D. in counseling psychology. He wrote his dissertation on mother-son parentification, a role-reversal phenomenon in which a child cares for his parent, and he was granted his doctorate in 1999. Dr. Johnson has worked for over ten years as a consultant to various companies and professional organizations, helping employees deal with stress, burn-out and depression, and he has presented workshops and conferences on increasing Emotional Intelligence, improving communication, managing change and transition, and resolving conflicts through the perspective of Psychological Type. He has also provided critical incident stress debriefing following traumatic events and crises. Dr. Johnson has designed and taught courses on intervention and therapy with children and their families at the University of Montreal and at Bishop’s University.

In his private practice, he provides individual therapy for children and adolescents who have experienced various traumas or who are having difficulty dealing with family transitions or parental separations. He also coaches parents and works with couples and families facing diverse challenges.

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