Career Opportunities

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At the JGH, Nursing’s voice is heard at every important decision-making table including those pertaining to the allocation of human and material resources. Every effort is made to provide Nurses with state of the art patient care units, cutting edge and time-saving equipment, technological support, and perhaps, most important, the time and space to practice our profession.

Career Advancement and Professional Growth

  • Individualized career planning
  • Dynamic and personalized bilingual orientation program, which includes a two-day Level I Critical Care Nursing Program
  • Advanced Critical Care Level II Program for Nurses working in designated Critical Care areas
  • Full or part-time positions; eight and twelve hour shifts available
  • Workshops in preparation for the OIIQ exams
  • Continuous support from expert Clinical Nurse Specialists and Nurse Educators in all clinical areas
  • Ongoing consultation and collaboration with our Centre for Nursing Research
  • Opportunities to attend workshops and professional conferences locally, nationally and internationally
  • Bursaries to facilitate academic pursuits and certification activities

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