Managing References

How to Cite Your Information Sources

Citation Style Guides

 Life Sciences Citation Style Guide — McGill
 APA Style 5th Quick Guide — Dalhousie University
 Referencing and Citation styles: APA 6th —  Sydney University
 Walden University Writing Center


See the Images section in the Copyright subject guide.

Citing honestly

 Keeping it Honest - McGill
 How Not to Plagiarize - University of Toronto
 Academic integrity - McGill
 Plagiarism and cheating - McGill

Managing Your References

As you search for literature in your field it is a good idea to keep track of relevant articles by importing them into citation management software. By doing so you are creating your own searchable database.

There are several tools that can help you keep track of your references, share them with collaborators and help you cite the evidence as you write your research papers.

Citation management tools

There are a number of different options available, at the HSL we recommend EndNote (for a fee) and Zotero, that is an open source, therefore free, citation management software.

Use these tools to:
  • keep track of bibliographic information about research materials (articles, books, tables, images etc.);
  • link to full text;
  • create bibliographies and cite your sources (Cite While You Write or CWYW)**;
  • manage resources for different research projects;
  • share references with other researchers.

**With the desktop versions of citation management tools such as EndNote and Zotero, the Cite-While-You-Write features of online citation management tools will only work if you have Microsoft Office installed on your hard drive (at home or at JGH) i.e. not on the Citrix Network. Citrix does not allow these programs to communicate with Office. To have Office installed on your JGH hard drive contact CSIT. There is a charge for each individual license. You can also consider an open source version like  Open Office (free).

Using EndNote

 Endnote - JGH Health Sciences Library workshop
 Getting Started with EndNote — McGill University Health Center
 EndNote Guide - University of Hawaii at Manoa Library

Using Zotero


 Zotero  ​​​​​​​- JGH Health Sciences Library workshop
 Zotero Support
 Zotero Guide - Harvard University Library


You must install the programs on your individual desktop or laptop, unless you are using the online version (see below). Instruction in how to use these tools is available either one-on-one or in groups. Please contact  Kendra Johnston, Librarian, at ext. 22453.

EndNote can be downloaded for free by  current McGill faculty and students.

Online tools

 EndNote Web
Accessible from anywhere you have Internet access. Can be synchronized with your desktop version of EndNote (for example: if you are at a workstation other than the one where you have Endnote installed, you can use Endnote web and then synchronize your work with your regular version of Endnote.

An online research management, writing and collaboration tool ($100 USD per year, free 30 day trial). Import references the same way you do with EndNote. Manage your references and cite-as-you-write on the go. For more information on RefWorks, see  McGill's RefWorks information page.

Zotero can be downloaded on your hard drive or be added as a plugin to your browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari). The desktop version must be combined to a plugin for your browser. It is possible to sync your collections online for back up purpose and to access them from a browser anywhere.

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