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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a useful way to keep up-to-date on news and current issues in your field. By subscribing to RSS feeds you can:

  • Create search alerts in biomedical databases;
  • Receive the table of contents (TOC) of current issues of medical journals;
  • Be alerted to latest medical headlines, news and announcements from websites;
  • Keep up with medical blogs and podcasts.

Your RSS feed subscriptions can be managed using an RSS reader such as  Feedly. RSS readers keep track of your feeds the way e-mail account keep track of your messages. Accounts are free to create and can be accessed from anywhere you have Internet.

Subscribe anywhere you see an RSS icon:

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If you would like to know more or need help subscribing to and managing your RSS feeds, please contact  Kendra Johnston.



RSS Feeds at JGH

The Health Sciences Library made thematic lists of journals' table of contents for different fields with a RSS feeds aggregator. See the menu at the left-side of the page, under "Table of contents (TOC)" to see the topics covered.

Recommended feeds

 Journal Feeds by Subject (TOC)*
 RSS Feeds for E-Journals (TOC)*
 ticTOCs Journal Table of Contents Service (search by title, subject, publisher, save your favourites)
 RSS News Feeds

* Please note: These links will only give you access to RSS feeds for the journal TOCs when you click on subscribe. At some computers you will see the TOC and be able to subscribe to the feed and access full text immediately. At others you will be directed to the html for the feed. If you are a McGill user, to access the journals themselves go to  McGill eJournals.


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