Understanding copyright

If you have questions about copyright or using one’s intellectual property, you may contact  Kendra Johnston (ext. 22453) who is a librarian, or a lawyer since the library cannot provide legal advice.

* Also, kindly note that permitted use may differ according to your status and desired use. For example, some resources, like universities' guides may not correspond to your situation.

Copyright Guides created by universities


Guides on using images :

 Finding and Using Online Images - Simon Fraser University Library
 Finding Multimedia in Health Sciences - McGill
 How to use images in presentations - for clinicians - Florida State University
 Where can I get medical images, photos, videos or animations? – NIH

Places I can search for images I can legally use :
  • — Searches only freely licensed images.
  •  Public Health Image Library (PHIL) - CDC — Most of the images in the collection are in the public domain and are thus free of any copyright restrictions. If you look directly beneath the image you will see a fair use statement that tells you if the image is public domain or copyright protected.
  •  La bibliothèque d’images du Wellcome Trust contains many freely available images.
  • Exercise caution with the usage rights tool for  Google Images :
    After running your search, click tools (under search box on the right), then select usage rights. Note: all images are "labeled as", this does not mean that is what they are : read the disclaimers on each site.
  • Also, exercise caution with :  Bing Images : After searching, click "Filter" in the top right of the page, then select “License type”.

Other resources

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