Applications for Mobile Devices

What is a mobile device?

It is a portable and computerized tool such as a smartphone or tablet.

What is an application?

An application is a program that you download onto your device. Some can be used with an Internet connection and others will also work offline.

Applications and websites optimized for mobile devices are two different things. When you access websites with a mobile device, some will have a different look and layout to fit your device's screen. The use of optimized websites is often automatic and you will not need to download any programs to use them. Optimized websites are accessible from the browser installed on your mobile device.

What applications should I download for my professional activities in health?

It is difficult to say which are the best mobile applications for different reasons:

  • The offer is increasing and continuously improving
  • The offer varies depending on the type of device you use (smartphone, tablet, eReader, etc.)
  • The offer also varies according to the operator system (iOS, Android, etc.)
  • The quality of an application may vary depending on the type of device you are using it's operating system
  • We suggest you try mobile applications that match your needs, habits and budget.

When you visit the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad or the Google Play Store in Android, you can select the "Medical" category to limit the results.

Unsure about downloading an application? Take a look at the  iMedicalApps website to see if this application has been evaluated. 

Medical Applications


Dictionaries and translators

Others (productivity, citation or document manager, etc.)

  •  Evernote (available for iOS et Android, free)
  •  Feedly (available for iOS et Android, free)
  •  Dropbox (available for iOS et Android)
  •  Zotero (available for iOS et Android, free)

* Please note that fees may be charged for downloading certain mobile applications. Some may be free for basic functions only and some may require registration.

McGill Users

You can consult a list of recommended applications for  iOS and  Android devices that are limited or not to people with access to McGill's electronic resources.

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