Library fees




  • $0.10/page for black and white
  • $1.00/page for color

*Please visit us during staff hours to buy a $3 refundable card.  Once it is loaded with money you can print when you want.


  • Local: $0.50/1st page, $0.25 for each additional page
  • Long distance: $1.00/1st page, $0.50 for each additional page

Literature searches :

  • FREE for patient care or quality improvement purposes
  • $25/h for research-related purposes

(1 question = 1 literature search)

Editing patient pamphlets for readability

  • Free training session for staff and students on rotation at the JGH on creating patient education materials
  • Free editing for readability service for patient education materials

Document delivery / Interlibrary loan:

  • When I submit an ILL request the library will try to get the item(s) for me for free.
  • If they are unsuccessful, they will contact me about whether I would like the item(s) for a fee (always less than purchasing the item(s) from the publisher).

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