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JGH Patient Education Network (PEN) Working Group

Thank you for helping patients become informed partners in their health! 



 Joanna Bailey, Nursing, Past-chair

 Fabrice Baro, Public Affairs and Communications

 Diane Bourget, Nursing, Past-chair

 Cathryn Brogan, Occupational Therapy- Oncology

 Paula Calestagne, Quality Program

 Valerie Frunchak, Training and Development

 Hinda Goodman, Hope & Cope

 Vanessa Greco, Occupational Therapy- Child Psychiatry

 Judy Hagshi, Family Medicine

 Sherry Katz, Physiotherapy

 Donna Schafer, Dietetics

 Nathalie Strychowsky, Occupational Therapy

 Nadine Tadros, Pharmacy

 Jacynthe Touchette, Health Sciences Library

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