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Library Workshops

To sign up for individual instruction, or to request a workshop tailored to the needs of your department, please contact the librarians by email at

In your email, please indicate the training subject and your availability.


The library offers instruction on the following topics:

Databases - literature searching

Various biomedical databases: including CINAHL, Medline (via PubMed & Ovid), EMBASE, PsycINFO, Google Scholar. Introduction to the database, searching the database, managing search results & more. Please feel free to ask for instruction on searching a database not listed here.

Managing citations using EndNote or Zotero
  • Endnote for users who have access (for example through McGill)
  • Zotero
Evidence-Based Medicine - answering clinical questions 
  • Introduction to evidence-based medicine 
  • Answering clinical questions.
  • Formulating your question using PICO
  • Searching the EBM resources
  • Answering research questions
  • Formulating your question
  • Lit search (MeSH terms, Boolean operators, search strategy etc.)
Patient Education
  • Finding information to share with patients
  • Creating effective patient education materials

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