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How To Get Full-text With JGH Access

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 How to: Access Full-Text of an Article JGH Users WEB VERSION

 How to: Access Full-Text of an Article JGH Users PRINT FRIENDLY VERSION

Here are some tips to help the JGH users access full-text, when looking for electronic resources. There are different ways to access articles, you may need to try more than one, and the method might change depending if you are looking for a specific article or if you want to find an article about a certain topic.

  1. Search databases the HSL subscribes to :
    Take a look at the list of quick links of resources the HSL subscribes to (or available for free) on the right-side menu of every page of the HSL's website. Please note: a subscription to a database don't mean that the users have access to the full-text of everything indexed.
  2. CINAHL database
    If you search the CINAHL database, you will see PDF icons under the results when the full-text is available. You can also click on the second tab at the top of the page, "publications" to see a list from A to Z of the journals included in CINAHL. The coverage and availability of each title will be mentioned.
  3. Find it at JGH button
    To facilitate communications between the resources that you search and our collections, we use a button that you can locate on databases the HSL subscribes to and on Google Scholar. Look for this icon under or next to the results of a search and click on it to see if you can get the full-text or if you should consider an interlibrary loan. If you do an interlibrary loan, all the information of the article will be prefilled.
  4. In case of doubt, ask a librarian
    The librarians at HSL are available to help you and make sure that an article is not available for free somewhere online before you ask for an interlibrary loan or dismiss the article from your search. You can send references to  your librarians (please be as detailed as possible).

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