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“This campaign marks the realization of our dreams. It must be successful if we wish to retain pride in our communal work. Bricks and stones are the outward and visible evidence of human efforts; this hospital will be our effort and it must be such that posterity will be proud of its ancestry.” – A. H. Jassby, chair of the Special Names Committee of the first Jewish General Hospital Campaign, September 18, 1929.

This digital collection is presented in honor of the men and women who founded and contributed to the building of the Jewish General Hospital, a hospital that, since its inception, has served not only Jews, but all faiths and cultures. This database allows you to search through over 3000 digitized original pledges and subscription “brick” cards from the Hospital’s first contributors in 1929. The “brick” cards were an innovative fundraising program created by the Campaign Committee for parents to contribute on behalf of their children.

As you browse through these cards, we encourage comments and additional information should you find names that have not been transcribed correctly. All efforts have been made to provide an accurate database, however we cannot be held responsible for one’s penmanship….

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