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Finding Aids

Finding Aid: Provides a detailed description of the contents of a fonds. It is an essential reference tool for determining what materials are available and in facilitating retrieval.

The finding aids for sous-fonds (part of the Jewish General Hospital fonds) currently available for browsing online are:

 Samuel Cohen 

 Henri Elbaz 

 The Hebrew Maternity Hospital 

 The Herzl Family Practice Centre (now known as The Goldman Herzl Family Practice Centre)

 The Jewish General Hospital Auxiliary (previously known as the JGH Women's Auxiliary) 

 The Jewish General Hospital Health Sciences Library (previously known as the JGH Medical Library)

 The Jewish General Hospital School of Nursing

 The Jewish General Hospital Clinical Ethics Committee (CEC)

By clicking on these links you will be able to access the finding aids for these sous-fonds in a hierarchical display which also includes series-level descriptions. Although item-level descriptions for all sous-fonds are currently unavailable, item-level descriptions for some photographs from the Health Sciences Library and School of Nursing sous-fonds are searchable in other sections of the website, such as  Photographic Collection Quick Search and  Advanced Search.Please note that more sous-fonds will be displayed online as they are processed and arranged.


The following are some key archival terminologies which will be useful in your research.

Fonds: A French term, a fonds refers to all the material created and/or accumulated, used and retained by a person, family or an organization in the course of normal, day-to-day activities.

Sous-fonds: Similar to a series. The sous-fonds is a discrete group of records clustered under the umbrella of a fonds. The papers of various individual family members, for example, would constitute sous-fonds within the larger fonds.

Series: A group of records which is organized as a unit and documents a specific activity or function. Within a fonds, there may be several distinguishable series of records.

File or item: the lowest level of description, including files of documents or individual documents that might come in a variety of forms and media. These might include: a letter, a film, a photograph, a map, a journal, an architectural plan.

Scope and Content: Abstract or summary of the range and topical coverage of the material described in the finding aid.

For a more detailed list of archival terms,  please visit:

 Glossary of Archival Terms (Simon Fraser University) 

 Society of American Archivists

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