JGH Jazz Festival

Since its inaugural show in 2000, the week-long music festival JGH Jazz has been enjoyed by hospital patients, visitors, volunteers, staff members, as well as music-loving passersby. The annual event was founded by the JGH Musical Therapist Bryan Highbloom who has also been the impresario of almost every show. From R&B to folk music, musicians, singers, dancers, and sometimes members of the JGH staff, all took the opportunity to perform and shared with the audience their talents and passion.

In 2016, the JGH Archives received a donation of some digital copies of the event posters from Bryan upon his retirement from the position after 35 years of service. This year, because of COVID-19, the event wasn’t able to take place. As a reminder of this great endeavor and a piece of fond memory, the Archives has mounted up a collection of posters, JGH press clippings, as well as a link to the  JGH YouTube channel to resonate the theme of the JGH Jazz festival -- “Music is healing”♫

Special thanks to Public Affairs & Communications for contributing additional event posters to enrich the collection.  

JGH Jazz Festival Posters

Music in the JGH Publications

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