International Women's Day 2020 - The Auxiliary

Annie Goldbloom

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the JGH Archives brings to light the collection of the Women’s Auxiliary (later known as the JGH Auxiliary), in honor of the important role women play in the healthcare system, regardless of being a doctor, a nurse, an allied health professional or a volunteer. 

In 1934, the Jewish General Hospital opened its doors to people of all ethnic backgrounds in need of health care. After two years of operation, it became apparent that it would need an organization that could not only provide financial aid but also function as a goodwill instrument and liaison between the hospital and the community. In light of that situation, on January 30, 1936, the Women’s Auxiliary was founded with approximately 300 members and  Annie Goldbloom as the founder-president. To this day,  the Auxiliary remains active in serving the hospital through its businesses and various fundraising endeavors. It also serves the patients, their families and the community through various volunteer-based programs and initiatives.  

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