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Child Psychiatry: 50 years of attentive care for children and their families

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Feldman, Ronald B.*. ©All Rights Reserved. "Child Psychiatry in a General Hospital."  Journal of the Department of National Health and Welfare, Vol XVI, Nos 3 and 4, May-August, 1968. Health Canada, 1968.  Posted with permission from the Minister of Health, 2017. 

* Dr. Ronald B. Feldman, first Director of the Child Psychiatry (1967 - 1977). 


"No More Tears and No More Tears", a hand-written camp journal with vivid illustrations, documenting the camp experience of three boys attended the Child Psychiatry program in 1985.

Cookbook developed with various recipes used during the past annual bake sales as a souvenir for Kathie Sherrard, first Head Nurse (1967 - 1984), upon her departure from the Child Psychiatry in 1984.

Brochure that introduces the services offered at the Child Psychiatry, undated.

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Child Psychiatry - Film Night Flyers


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