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On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Jewish General Hospital, the Hospital’s Archives Department has digitized Our Tribute Everlasting written by Alexander Wright in 1984 for the Hospital’s 50th anniversary.

Our Tribute Everlasting documents the history of the Hospital from its medical precursors, the Herzl Dispensary and the Hebrew Maternity Hospital, through to its inception in 1934. As well, the book marvelously describes the JGH’s growth and development in patient care, the importance of medical education and research in its early years and its close connection with the community at large.

Our Tribute Everlasting was recently updated by Dr. Frank Guttman (1931-2020)* and was published in 2018 under the title The Sir Mortimer B. Davis Jewish General Hospital.

Supplemented with new chapters and more archival photos, the book provides a historical overview of the Jewish hospitals worldwide with a focus on Quebec and Montreal, and a retrospect of the Jews’ contributions to the progress of medicine. It also highlights the influential people to and the leaders of the hospital from before its inception to the present day, as well as its expansion and progress in the past 30 years. Full-text is accessible via  McGill University library catalogue. Valid McGill user account is required.


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Your Tribute Everlasting

 Message from the President & Preface

 I. Montreal and the Jewish Community in the 1920's

 II.The Dream

 III. A "Tribute Everlasting"

 IV. Construction & V. "An Ornament to its City"

 VI. Trial and Accomplishment: the Depression and the War Years

 VII. Expansion and Specialization

 VIII. Education and Research

 IX. The Jewish General Hospital and the Community

 X. Two Influential Men & XI. The Jewish General Hospital and the Future

 Notes, Leadership, Executive Directors, Heads of Departments, About the Author

*Dr. Frank Guttman was born in Montreal, and studied Physiology at McGill University. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Geneva, Switzerland in 1957. Upon his return in Montreal, he received training at the Jewish General Hospital and the Sainte-Justine Hospital. In 1981 he became head of Paediatric General Surgery at The Montreal Children’s Hospital and a Professor at the McGill Faculty of Medicine. He authored 11 chapters in medical textbooks and 105 papers in peer-reviewed medical journals. After retiring, Dr. Guttman obtained an M.A. in history from McGill in 2002 and published 4 books including the biography Télesphore-Damien Bouchard: The Devil from Saint-Hyacinthe in English in 2007 and in French in 2013.

Dr. Guttman was predeceased by his wife  Dr. Herta Guttman (1933-2018) who was a pioneer in family therapy and for many years director of family therapy training at the Jewish General Hospital as well as director of consultation services.  

To learn more about his accomplishments, check the  obituary by Montreal Gazette.

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