JGH History: 1900s and 1910s

1900s and ’10s

  • Arriving in Montreal from Russia and eastern Europe, new waves of Jewish immigrants encounter religious discrimination in their attempts to receive medical treatment and find jobs in many of the city's hospitals.


  • The Herzl Dispensary, an early Jewish hospital, opens in November on St. Dominique St. to provide health care to immigrants and the poor for little or no charge. The Dispensary moves to St. Urbain St. in 1914 and to Jeanne Mance St. in 1936. In 1948, it evolves into the Herzl Health Centre and in 1965 it moves to Decelles Ave. In 1973, the Herzl Health Centre is absorbed into the JGH to become the Herzl Family Practice Centre.


  • The 23-bed Hebrew Maternity Hospital, another forerunner of the JGH, opens in a downtown house to provide obstetrical services to new Jewish immigrants.

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