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Vaccination and family doctor registration: CIUSSS West-Central Montreal Annual Public Meeting

Montreal November 8, 2017 – During the Annual Public Meeting of the Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West-Central (CIUSSS), members of the public will have the opportunity to ask questions about services and facilities and

  • obtain a flu vaccine (free for everyone) 
  • add their name to the list to register for a family doctor 
  • receive information about job opportunities at the Human Resources Kiosk 
  • obtain a wide range of essential and specific information, including the Specialized Approach to Senior Care

Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. 
Jewish General Hospital juif
5767 Légaré Street (Pavilion K)
Carrefour Lea Polansky

There will be a presentation of 2016-2017 highlights and of the financial statement.

The President of the Board of Directors, Mr. Alan Maislin, as well as the President and CEO of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal, Dr. Rosenberg, are proud to invite the public to this meeting.

"I encourage members of the public to join us at this meeting to ask questions, tell us what's on their minds, and learn how much has been accomplished over the past year to improve the delivery of health care and social services," says Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, President and CEO of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal. "Since we strongly believe in safeguarding health through preventive measures, we are also inviting visitors to get a free flu shot before the meeting. And if anyone needs a family doctor, they can put their name on a waiting list."

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